It been a few weeks since we've ehad any major updates on the site – however this does not mean we've been slacking off!  Probably the first piece of exciting news to share is that we've arranged a partnership with ExstreamTV!

ExstreamTV is currently providing some of the best web content in relation to extreme sports in New Zealand and other places around the world, all on one site! – check it out it is well worth a look – click on the image above!

The World Heli Challenge

Right now it looks like the chance to demo the sport of Speedflying at the World Heli Challenge is sitting at 95% – the only thing stopping it happening now is the weather!  It'll be exciting to get the chance to fly in some of New Zealands remote terrain and also to try some Speedflying Camera following of the ski competitors …. Link to World Heli Challenge!


Round Hill Ski Field

In other exciting news I've just finished updating our video library and made a short film on the weekend we had at Round Hill Ski Field.  Round Hill has put in a massive 1400m long rope tow that takes you to the top of one of the peaks on the Two Thumb Range.  This gives us a great vantage point for speedflying with over 800m of vertical to play with!


The last few weeks have been pretty busy and now the ski season has started … it's only getting busier!  It's going to be a pretty exciting next few months!  In the next few months Dugald and I will be

  • Demoing speedflying in the Wanaka based World Heli Challenge!
  • Throwing ourselves off Round Hill Ski Field – an 800m tow will give us all the height we need!
  • We're working on a little gut busting event – The Coramandel Peak Challenge! – 8000m in 12 hours
  • Getting out and into the back country on our new DynaFit touring setups!


Over the past few weeks we've also been able to get out and play on some of the surround smaller peaks – close to the ski fields….  It's been awesome so far and it's only expected to get better! 

Remarkables – North Wye Dome


Treble Cone – Gottliebs