It's been a very very busy few weeks for the Speedfly8000 Project, with work and expedition commitments it's been hard to keep up with everything that has been going on!


Sparc Hillery Grant

Speedfly8000 has been selected as 1 of 8 NZ expeditions to receive a SPARC grant!  Awesome!


TV 3

TV 3 came down a few days ago for an interview about speedflying / the Speedfly8000 mission and a littel about SPARC

Check out the interview


Team Changes

Dugald Peters has had to pull out of the 8000m expedition as work and personal time commitments make it seem unlikely that he'll be able to be on the mission 100%.  Dugald will however be trying to tie in with the Speedfly team on future NZ training missions as time permits


Zac Morris has joined the Expedition  – which is fantastic!  Zac is a long term friend of Mal and is one of the people instrumental in getting Mal so involved in Paragliding – it's great to have the shoe on the other foot right now and to be getting Zac more involved in the awesome art of Speedflying/Riding.  Zac is an accomplished mountaineer and has been on a number of expeditions overseas in the past as well as having spent time at altitude above 6200m

Check out Zacs Profile



Significant Missions



A few weeks ago Mal made a successful flight from just below the summit of Mt Aspiring – he went in and climbed the mountain solo but was lucky enough to have a few friends on top (who had climbed the south face) and were able to take some incredible images.


Speedfly Boogie

Right now there are 15 – 20 speedflying pilots based out of Wanaka using the local terrain near our fantastic town and over in Queenstown