The forecast for the coming week looks nasty so the Alpine training trip that Dugald and I were going to do has to be postponed until after the 24th of April.  It's funny that as a mountain guide I have to choose time off to go into the mountains for a personal trip …. then only to have the weather pack out and be unable to do what I want to do!

Our alternate plan is to go up the Remarkables on Saturday and do some training for Dugald there as well as make a flight attempt off either Single Cone or Double Cone.

Bad Weather coming – Monday



A jaunt into the New Zeland Alps to climb and fly.

 *The weather forecast is too bad to go into the hills from 12-16th April – trip postponed *

12th April to 16th of April – Open to other speedflying pilots with alpine skills

Dugald and I will be heading into the NZ Alps near the start of April to Tasman Saddle hut.  The objective of this trip will be to do some alpine training with Dugald and to climb a number of nearby peaks and fly off them.

Objective 1

Hochstetter Dome.
A good easy alpine training hill with a great summit from which to launch from

Objective 2

9144 – Mt Annan Ridge
This area offers a number of different locations to climb and fly from  – either along the ridge line or from the summit of 9144.  Gaining the summit during winter is via a snow / ice gulley – in summer conditions it is a great alpine rock adventure.  The summit offers a great place to launch from again

Objective 3

Walter Peak
Probably a little to ambitious for this particular trip but if you don't try you don't do.  Walter Peak combines some interesting glacial travel with moderate alpine slopes to bring you up onto the main divide.  If the treu summit of Walter gives no joy there is an awesome Plateau from which to launch from about 100m below the main summit