Unfortunately Zac has pulled out of the expedition due to work commitments.  besides flying, Zac's otehr passion is film work and film making.  Right now he's working for WetaDigital in Wellington a place he's long dreamed of being.


Whilst I'll be a bit lonelier on the mountain, it will mean a great deal less to worry about in terms of launches, landings etc.  With me on the Mountain will be Siddhi Bahadur Tamang and Ah Mingmar Sherpa.  I've worked and climbed with these guys a few times over the years in Nepal and it'll be great 

Sophie Ward will be coming along to act as Basecamp manager and all round amazing type of person.  A small part of Soph's role will be to put out updates on the internet and pipe weather reports to us on the mountain by VHF radio!

Today Dugald and I managed to get to the summit of Single Cone and double Cone but unfortunately we were not able to launch from the main summit due to inconsistent winds and a poor launch area – the summit Single Cone and Double Cone will be good when there is snow covering the peaks.

We had to make a conscious choice to find a better launch site – which meant we needed to climb down another 150m to the main ridge.  Unfortunately we were again thwarted by winds and rotor conditions as well as Air Traffic Control and Air Space Regs – it's hard to just go when you need to make a call to the tower to get clearance.

After enduring some of the most difficult launch conditions we have both experienced we once again had to descend to a lower point on the West Face of the Remarkables to find a suitable launch site.  This was at 2087m and flew one of the western gully systems.  The conditions meant that we were unable to launch together, however we both had a screamer of a flight – landing in one of the farm paddocks at the base of the western face.

Dugald will be playing with his new Apple Mac to make an video edit of the days adventure.