After a beautiful climb up Single Cone to inspect one of the future winter missions, we moved on to double cone and discussed the possibility of a launch from the summit by tossing the gliders above us and checking them in the air before stepping off.  This time the decision was made to move to a lower more suitable take off and practice some rope skills on the short descent to it.  After several attempts during the short moments of clearance we received from Queenstown Air Traffic Control we again decided to move down the West face to an area less effected by wind rotor.  From here we both launched for a great gully flight!

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A mid Autumn flight from the top of Single Cone.

May 1st to May 9th

Open to all Speedflying Pilots

This time of year can be pretty tricky.  There maybe a fair amount of new snow up on single double cone or there may still just be bare rock!  There are a few ways up Single Cone, all involve a little bit of technical rock climbing but the route of choice is to do a traverse of both Double and Single cone!  We'll be focusing on flying from Single Cone initially but if weather and local conditions deny us we may need to move lower on the hill. 

We have two flight options – to the west all the way down to the valley floor – a descent of near 2000m or to the N and into the Lake Alta region.

The Remarks after a mid summer snow storm.  looks like winter!

How the Remarks looks normally in Summer

Here are two video's that show 2 different launches in the Khumbu Valley region of Nepal.

#1 is of a launch in the Kyajo Ri Valley.  The intent on being in this area was to try and make a flight from the summit of Kyajo Ri – unfortunately the weather was too bad making the approach to the hill difficult and we ran out of time.  There were a series of large cliffs on the way up the valley that you had to climb through and this flight was made from one of them – just above Basecamp.


#2 is a flight from above the township of Dingboche – off a small peak aptly named – Dinboche Ri.  The peak provides a number of excellent launch site – although the thinner air at 5000+ meters and nil wind makes for a very committing and fast launch!  The landing area here is basically potato paddocks and with the rock walls coming up at you quite quickly it's very important to pick the right one.  I found myself coming in a bit too short and had to almost stall my wing over the final wall to land safely in the paddock