It's actually the 5th of November – and I was heading out to have another go on Mt Aspiring – the last few times I've been shut down by the weather.  The overall plan was to go in with the Speedwing and Paraglider, fly off Aspiring and then fly off the Breakaway back into the valley and or hopefully the car- no need for ropes and or climbing harness etc etc.  I was more worried about the actual flight off Mt Aspiring rather than the flight off the Breakaway – as it was it turned into a bit of an Epic!

The actual climb of Aspiring was fairly straight forward – it's not super hard and I've been up it plenty of time – however most times I've had 2 tools and this day the ramp was in pretty hard conditions – only one tool made it pretty spicey!


The Epic began on the way down – I couldn't fly down due to the winds being the wrong direction  – I would have run off down the mountain with a tail wind!  Not pleasant when it's blowing 25k the wrong way.  Then ensued a epic of purely self inflicted proportions.   Down climbing in hard icy conditions with ski's in your hands and a paraglider on your back is hard – harder still when you can't get to your crampons or ice tool …


French Ridge is a steep wooded trail – and with ski's strapped to my back on a wide pack it was simply horrendous – I mostly had to walk down hill backwards to make sure my tails didn't catch and pitch me forward.  In my touring boots … Nasty.


All wasn't lost however – I got a great ride back out to my car from Aspiring hut – late at night when I turned up and found a mate there in the hut – just simply amazing – thanks Mike.


Enjoy the Vid – Edited by Zac


Images – Marty Beare

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