Morning at Wyn Irwin Hut was cold and fine – besides ourselves there were a few other hardy souls gearing up to head into the mountains, the hut was a hive of activity.  After a heli flight to Cornice Wall we quickly dropped off all our gear and toured / climbed up to the summit of Hochstetter Dome.  This a straightforward summit with a very large ice cliff below where we would launch from.

Launch conditions were pretty firm and fall or lauch failure wouldn't be very pleasant.  Zac, Dugald and Mal all get away safely and have an epic flight down screaming past the ice cliffs.

Cam and Cory headed over to check out the conditions on Eli De Beaumont for an attempt the next moring to climb and ski / fly from the summit. 

Right besides the hut is a fantastic gully – the boys just couldn't resist the temptation to fire it – straight down the guts.



Speedfly8000 – Tasman Glacier – EP1