The weather and time off work is aligning itself so that Dugald and I can get into the west coast neve's this weekend for some alpine training / ski touring and speedflying!

The Recent weather has potentially put down over a meter of new snow and conditions up high will be nice for a few days.  Feels great to finally have a mission that will work with the weather and have time available to make use of it!

Some NW or SW winds will also be fine as we can use our wings like kites to drag ourselves around on the glacier.




We'll be based at either Pioneer hut or Centenial Hut and make use of the surrounding peaks for some flight attempts. These include ;

  • Triad
  • Aurora
  • Minarets
  • Glacier Peak
  • Grey Peak
  • Mt Drummond

Out of all these the pick for me would be to getup the west Face of the Minarets and fly off!  Check back soon for more updates