Mal and Dugald make a winter descent of Queenstowns Single Cone.  Wind conditions on the summit make for a slightly interesting launch!


The "Gottllieb Gully Run"  A fun day out touring and flying with visiting Big Mtn Skier Ted Davenport
Short Teaser from the World Heli Challenge.  2 days of pretty extreme action by the skiers and some gnarly launches from norrow ridges on the tops of NZ mountains

A edit of the 3 days of flying we had at Round Hill Ski Field at Teakpo!  A wicked place to play and fly!

Dropping the Elevator Chutes at the Remarkables on the Ozone GT 10m – a wild ride
2010 – Treble Cone Back Country.  first run on the newly delivered Ozone GT 10m – what a wing!
Hike and Fly Pt 2 – Coromandel Ridge

Hike and Fly Pt 1 – Traversing the Ridge towards End Peak – Treble Cone.
A great run down some gullys by Dugald

NZ Alps West Coast  – Ski Mountaineering and Speedflying
Latest Video – this time a short edit from Dugald showing his take on what he learnt over the 4 days on the West Coast
Ground Launching the Ozone Bullet 14m from 5050m in the Khumbu Valley, Nepal
Launching Canopies above 5000m is quite hard.  Add to that rough terrain and lots of cloud – makes for an interesting launch
A short teaser from our trip to the West Coast. Speedflying in the New Zealand Alps
Quick mission up single cone and double cone to fly off. Few non happening take offs put us a little lower down after summiting but had an epic gully flight down the west face of the Remarkables mountain range..once we had clearance from air traffic control!
Close Proximity and Acrobatics
Speed riding at Cardrona Ski Field!


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