Nepal-Kathmandu.195204432_stdNepal is a land of mystery, excitement, amazing mountains – and mountains for red tape and last minute hassles!

About a week ago I was informed that the Ministry of Tourism and the Nepal Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had revoked my permits for "flying" from Manaslu …. As you might imagine this caused me some concern!

The issue arose from an ilegal flight attempt from Everest by a Paraglider and the proximity to the Chinese Border. There was another (legal) flight from Everest this season been – a Tandem PG flew from the summit to Namche – My friend Babau then went on to mountain bike back to Kathmandu – an epic achievment!

However, with the increased amount of attention on using canopy’s in the Himalaya and the word "flying" being used in my application meant that there were going to be problems issuing my permit.

My good friend, Nima, spent 3 days at the Ministry of Tourism, often waiting up to 4-5 hours at a time to get meetings with the Minister. His hard work has paid off, after a week of discussions, phone calls, and emails the Ministry has, once again, allowed my permit to be processed!

So now we actually have 3 permits!

  • 1 for climbing
  • 1 for skiing
  • 1 for "gliding" or "canopy skiing"

A huge thanks to Nima for all his ahrd work and the Minister of Tourism for allowing us to make this attempt.

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