This is the final installment for the Tasman Glacier trip.  Our final day was pretty spectacular as we skinned our way up the not often visited Darwin Glacier.  As a Mountain Guide I often spend my time at the head of the Tasman Glacier on many of the peaks we flew off.  I'd never been into this region and I was very very impressed with the terrain.


The early morning conditions were pretty hard and the ski down to Darwin Corner was a bit of a trial – heavy packs don't make for fun skiing and a breakable crust only add to the difficulties.  After dropping our gear the and entrance to the valley we got up high enough to see that the glacier leading to the top of Mt Anan was going to be in the shade most of the day – which would mean that it'd not corn up for a good ski run.  This alone would have made us change our plans but the fact that there was a large series of seracs to cross under with some serious debris sealed the deal – we changed our plans and went for Mt Hamilton instead …


The approach to our launch site was directly in the baking sun and it was HOT!  By the time we'd all reached to col our ascent route was looking great for a ski run, both Cam and Cory were fizzing.  The fly team found a good spot to launch from and after a few set up issues we all made it off – all told it was a pretty amazing place to fly from  – the back drop of Malte Brun and the main divide was breathtaking …


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