Although the bad weather has been hitting the South Island of New Zealand hard recently, training has not stopped.  This little edit shows two recent ascents of Bowen Peak in late September.  Bowen Peak is still one of the best local peaks for both training and flying, it is accessible from a number of different routes, and only takes up to 2hrs to summit.

The use of the gondola on the queenstown route cuts the evening missions down to only 60 mins, and the direct route from Arthurs point up the face is a lot of fun, but harder work and takes just over 90 mins.  The start point and landing for both routes is approx 350m and the summit is 1623m, so there is a good vertical distance to be overcome for the fun flight down, but well worth it.

Now when we say, the above footage shows two recent flights…this is not entirely true as the camera decided to pack in due to the temperature drop during flight…needless to say we have ordered some more GoPro's!!



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