Mountaineering and Speedflying

Spring 2010, October – November

Nun's Veil

Nun's Veil (2756m) sits just inside the Aoraki, Mt Cook National Park.                                                           

As a Mountaineering objective to climb the Nun via Turners Coliour and fly from the summit – it needs a few logistical issues to be sorted out. 

  1. Getting across the Tasman Lake
  2. Crossing the Murchison river
  3. Re-Crossing the Murchison River
  4. Making back in time for a pick up to cross the Tasman again.

The actual climbing isn't that technical  – except for right near the summit – A short section of 50 degree snow ice and rock adds a bit of spice to the 1000m plus climb up Turners Couloir.

By far the biggest hazard on this mission will be the avalanche conditions and the wind on the summit.  A direct westerly breeze or NW brreze will allow a flight back down towards the Tasman Terminal lake – easterly or southerly breezes will mean a flight down in to Gorrilla Stream

The Minarets 
Tasman Glacier

The Minarets are reached by climbing Del a Beche Ridge from the Tasman Glacier and we'll be staying in Del a Beche hut at the toe  of the ridge.  The journey up the ridge is an absolute classic and once we've reached the Minarets Plateau there are a number of options.

  1. Fly down the east side o the Main Divide and land on the Tasman Glacier
    • This aspect has some amazing scenery + incredible glacial formations to fly over and on.
    • A high landing on the Tasman Glacier will allows us to ski back down to Del a Beche hut for the next days mission
  2. Flying down the East side of the mountain will drop us onto the west Coast
    • The flight down the West Face is a broad bowl – if the wind is strong enough we'll be able to soar the bowl and carve our way around the face
    • After making the flight we'll need to tour up and over Graham Saddle to make another flight down the Rudolf Glacier.  If the conditions don't permit a flight then we'll simply have to do a 1200m ski run ..



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