The terrain in the Back Country behind Treble Cone is truly beautiful.  There are some magic gullies, slopes and cliffs to play with on our speed wings.  The ski touring can be exquisite and just recently the weather put on a great show for us. 

Ted Davenport and I had recently finished playing on the World Heli Challenge and since the snow and weather was so perfect I was amped to drag Ted out to show him some of the ski launched speedflying we have nearby in Wanaka. 

No easy task is speedflying down in the South Island!  You need to be prepared to ski and skin your way around to launch site – there is a real avalanche hazard and good terrain skills are needed to stay safe out in the backcountry + having all the correct safety equipment.  It definately adds to the pack weight!

With the new snow that had fallen it was hard going along some of the flatter terrain before we gained the Ridge leading to the top of Gottliebs.  The ridge itself was a very kewl place to be with steep drops to either side of us.  Both Ted and myself got out and managed to launch just below the summit with the hinderence of a 5 km tail wind.


Totally wicked time out playing with Ted – I've got a few more videos to edit of the flying we've done over the past 2 weeks – STAY TUNED!


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